About Us

Mitzi Bespoke jewellery aims to bring a fresh, modern perspective to the design and distribution of high-quality contemporary jewellery. Our London-based design team is led by Mitzi Broadbent whose inspiration comes from her multi-disciplinary design background and passion for beautiful but affordable jewellery. Originally trained in architecture, Mitzi's creative experience also spans graphic design and more recently fine art. Her designs reflect the diversity of her unique background; Mitzi Bespoke jewellery uses beautiful materials to make high-quality, contemporary, chic and affordable pieces. Celebrating the natural beauty of the materials is at the heart of our design philosophy. Since turning her attention to jewellery, Mitzi's designs have been very positively acclaimed and we are delighted to bring them to you online.

Our highly skilled operations team has many years of experience at some of the largest direct marketing businesses in the UK. Their goal is to ensure that our hand-made products can be rapidly and efficiently dispatched to you so that they arrive quickly and in perfect condition.