Solo Necklace in Garnet

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Solo Necklace in Garnet £125.00

Solo Garnet Necklace. Part of the Solo Collection, this gorgeous, hand-set, Garnet pendant, hangs beautifully, moves freely and may be worn with other jewellery from MitziRocks for a co-ordinated look. Additionally, the adjustable chain bears Mitzi's personal hallmark. Dimensions 1 Garnet .7cts, 6mm

Garnet greatly varies in colour and varieties, from red to deep purple, and light to dark green. Mistakenly thought to be a cheap substitute for ruby, the beautiful properties of garnet are often overlooked. Our luscious, luminous, deep-red garnets exude luxury. Garnet is said to be an energising, protective stone, aiding creativity and inspiring love and passion.
Silver All our sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with other metals, making it excellent for use in jewellery making.