IMG_4801 Centi Bangle with Silver Rings £185.00

IMG_4799 Centi Bangle with Twisted Silver Rings £185.00

IMG_4803 Centi Bangle with Plain & Twisted Silver Rings £185.00

IMG_4805 Centi Bangle with Gold Rings £485.00

IMG_4802 Centi Bangle in Yellow Gold with Yellow Gold Rings £995.00

IMG_4804 Centi Bangle in Rose Gold with Rose Gold Rings £995.00

Bespoke Jewellery

AWeddingNecklace A Wedding Necklace

TwofromOne Two from One

EarringsforDebra Earrings for Debra

WowNecklace Wow Necklace

RubyRubyRuby Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

NewforOld New for Old

AHandfulofGarnets A Handful of Garnets

VictoriasSecret Victorias Secret

CharlottesRing Charlotte's Wedding Rings

Sylvestra A Triptych for Sylvestra

Solo Studs

IMG_5057 Solo Studs White Topaz £65.00

IMG_5075 Solo Studs Rose Quartz £65.00

IMG_5021 Solo Studs Pale Pink Topaz £65.00

IMG_5017 Solo Studs Pink Topaz £65.00

IMG_5071 Solo Studs Red Topaz £65.00

IMG_5045 Solo Studs Orange Topaz £65.00

IMG_5067 Solo Studs Citrine £65.00

IMG_5041 Solo Studs Lemon Quartz £65.00

IMG_5024 Solo Studs Green Topaz £65.00

IMG_5048 Solo Studs Amethyst £65.00

IMG_5054 Solo Studs Blue Topaz £65.00

IMG_5032 Solo Studs Royal Blue Topaz £65.00

IMG_5015 Solo Studs London Blue Topaz £65.00

IMG_5051 Solo Studs Pale Amethyst £65.00

IMG_5029 Solo Studs Violet Topaz £65.00

IMG_5060 Solo Studs Dark Amethyst £65.00

Solo Drops

IMG_4939 Solo Earrings in White Pearl £160.00

IMG_4944 Solo Earrings in Silver Pearl £160.00

IMG_4938 Solo Earrings in Silver Drop Pearl £160.00

IMG_5078 Solo Earrings in White Drop Pearl £160.00


IMG_5009 Brio Earrings in Rose Quartz £175.00

IMG_4913 Brio Earrings in Lemon Quartz £175.00

IMG_4862 Brio Earrings in Citrine £175.00

IMG_4985 Brio Earrings in Green Quartz £175.00

IMG_5236 Brio Earrings in Peridot £175.00

IMG_4818 Brio Earrings in Blue Topaz £175.00

IMG_4901 Brio Earrings in Amethyst £175.00

IMG_5321 Brio Earrings in Clear Quartz £175.00


IMG_4894 Quatro Mid Drop Earrings £235.00

IMG_4950 Quatro Long Drop Earrings £235.00


IMG_93740 Opia White Bar Stud Earrings £710.00

IMG_93804 Opia White Square Stud Earrings £710.00

IMG_93846 Opia White Huggie Earrings £1375.00

BWBarStuds Opia Duo Diamond Bar Earrings £665.00

BWSquareStuds Opia Duo Square Stud Earrings £665.00

BWHuggieHoops Opia Duo Huggie Hoop Earrings £1380.00


IMG_4964 Solo Necklace in Rhodolite Garnet £125.00

IMG_4963 Solo Necklace in Garnet £125.00

IMG_4962 Solo Necklace in Green Quartz £125.00

IMG_4960 Solo Necklace in Lemon Quartz £125.00

IMG_4961 Solo Necklace in White Topaz £125.00

IMG_4957 Solo Necklace in Citrine £125.00

IMG_4953 Solo Necklace in Peridot £125.00

IMG_4959 Solo Necklace in London Blue Topaz £125.00


IMG_5637 Sterling Silver Ovali Necklace £1350.00

IMG_5638 9ct Yellow Gold Ovali Necklace £1150.00

IMG_5639 9ct Rose Gold Ovali Necklace £3075.00

IMG_5641 Sterling Silver Ovali Necklace With Lapis Lazuli £1350.00

IMG_5642 9ct Yellow Gold Ovali Necklace With Lapis Lazuli £3200.00

IMG_5643 9kt Rose Gold Ovali Necklace With Lapis Lazuli £3200.00


IMG_4951 Quatro Necklace £155.00


IMG_94057 Opia White Bar Necklace £1775.00

IMG_4057 Opia Duo Necklace £1460.00

IMG_9000 Opia White Eternity Ring £2850.00

BWEternityRing Opia Duo Diamond Eternity Ring £1990.00

Stacking Rings

GoldSilverPinkSapphireStackingRing Gold + Silver Pink Sapphire Stacking Ring

GoldSilverGarnetStackingRing Gold + Silver Garnet Stacking Ring

GoldSilverRubyStackingRing Gold + Silver Ruby Stacking Ring

GoldSilverAquamarineStackingRing Gold + Silver Aquamarine Stacking Ring

GoldSilverBlueTopazStackingRing Gold + Silver Topaz Stacking Ring

GoldSilverTanzaniteStackingRing Gold + Silver Tanzanite Stacking Ring

GoldSilverDiamondStackingRing Gold + Silver Diamond Stacking Ring